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What I'm Doing Now

I recently quit my corporate day job to be a musician & entrepreneur. Here's some of what I've been up to recently.


A wedding band that also plays corporate events, parties, & festivals

Teaching Classical Violin & Irish Fiddle

Contact me here if you're interested in lessons

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Started Thrive with Cate

I’m passionate to help people create their best lives. Follow me on this new venture: Instagram | Facebook | TikTok | Etsy

What I'm Doing Now: Services

Occasionally playing in a movie or TV show

This was Amy Schumer's Life & Beth

What I'm Doing Now: Services


This was Portugal

Running a Music Festival

I helped organize a music festival. Join us in 2024 at White Plains Irish Festival

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Making Pottery

It’s my favorite hobby from the past year

What I'm Doing Now: Services

Spending time outside, running, and figuring out what I want to do next.

I love connecting with people so please say hi!

Say hi here

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What I'm Doing Now: Services
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